How to Create Image, Mobile and Video Sitemaps for your Blog?

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Create-Image-and-Video-Sitemaps-for-your-BlogWell Its an Important part of getting proper search engine traffic from Images, Mobile content and Videos. Usually we create our blog posts sitemaps and submit it to Google Webmaster but what about Image, Mobile and Video Sitemaps? Hence this article is all about this! Image Sitemaps helps to crawl all your images inside Google Images, Mobile Sitemaps helps to crawl all mobile URL parameters and lastly Video Sitemaps helps to index all your videos in YouTube and Search Engine. Now here we will learn how to create image, mobile and video and submit it to Webmasters…Have a look!

How to Create Image, Mobile and Video Sitemaps in WordPress Blog?

All you have to download and install these 3 plugins mentioned below for sitemaps creation-

1. Google XML Sitemap for Images

The Image Sitemap plugin will generate an XML Sitemap for Images that exist in your WordPress blog. Now its easy to get indexed your all images in search engines.

2. Google XML Sitemap for Videos

This plugin will help you generate Google Video Sitemaps (XML) for your WordPress blog. Helping in increasing your Video traffic.

3. Google XML Sitemap for Mobile

This WordPress plugin will generate an XML Mobile Sitemap for your WordPress blog with URLs that serve mobile web content etc.

Now after installing it in your WP Dashboard, Go to them each by each and create your fresh sitemaps and then copy the sitemap link/address and submit it to Google or Bing Webmasters for more traffic etc.

Final Words:

I hope the above article definitely helps you in increasing your web traffic in all the search engines mostly. So what are you waiting for, just install these plugins and create your new sitemaps for the images, videos and mobile’s as well. That’s it, Please share this post above and Enjoy…

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    I know that Google XML sitemaps is most important for easily index image in search engine, as like important a website page/post. Too many bloggers don’t know how it’s important. Newbie blogger can help from here. Thanks for sharing this information.

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