Top 10 Productive & Profitable WordPress Admin Plugins

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There is something about the superlatively simple yet SEO friendly and extremely user centric blog publishing platform – WordPress. Originally a PHP framework, WordPress is now being actively used as a customized backend content management system for various websites and blogs alike. In this article, we shall attempt to reduce the burden on the shoulders of the proud WordPress admins by covering the 10 most useful plugins for WordPress Admins. To know more about these plugins, kindly read ahead:

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for the Admins:

1. Google Analytics for WordPress

google analytics We all have grown so accustomed to using Google Analytics that at times it does not even register to us that this is actually an extension to and not a part of the WordPress system. In case you haven’t then please do use Google Analytics plugin for WordPress to gain further insights in to the behavior of your page and its performance in the online world and also to keep a track of your Google AdSense. And if you require some other and more interactive plugins to cater to the similar tasks, kindly read ahead.

2. WP Stats WordPress plugin

WP-stats2 All you have to do is to get this plugin right in the backend of your WordPress site or blog and once you do that, this plugin will collect copious amount of information regarding the page views, the popular posts and pages of your site, the significant sources of traffic to your web page, what page was last viewed before a user left the site and a lot more. It provides a simplified link on the admin dashboard with the help of which you can refer to all the stats in just a given single page.

3. WassUp WordPress Plugin

wordpress-plugin-wassup And talking about keeping a track of the page visits, here is a plugin which makes it very easy for the blog owners to keep an account of the online visitors flocking to their blogs and that too in real time. It provides the information about the visitors in a much more detailed format, also tells the blogger who the current visitor is and provides a rather interactive console where all this information is wrapped up. And in order to enhance the experience, the plugin now comes with a ‘Spy’ version which is similar to Digg spy and provides the site owners with exhaustive details about the visits of the users.

4. WPhone WordPress Plugin

wp-plugin Don’t want to wait till you reach your desktop to manage your WordPress site? Here is a plugin that allows you to go mobile in accessing your WordPress site. WPhone is an award winning plugin which allows the users to change the default admin panel with the one designed solely for your mobile phone. There are two versions of the same – one, the heavy one available for the iPhone and other high end handheld devices and a light version to respond to simple mobile usage. The heavy version requires the mobile to support JavaScript and CSS but the light weighed version requires no such changes.

5. SEO Friendly Images

SEO-Friendly-Images-WordPress-Plugin It is quite a task to optimize the images for the search engines. But with the help of this plugin, bloggers get to upload all the images with proper ALT and TITLE tags. In case these tags are missing, the plugin automatically resets them, as per the options provided by you. Moreover, the resulting post is complete W3C and XHTML valid as well.

6. Simple Tags WordPress Plugin

simple tags A successor of the simple tagging plugin, this is the perfect available option to manage the multitudes of WordPress tags on your posts. It augments the performance of tagging and brings in a lot of new features to the website. Use this plugin for the complete ease of use and interactive new features.

7. Redirection

redirection-plugin A redirection plugin is highly important for the WordPress site owners. The plugin checks the loose ends of the website see through the effective execution of 301 redirections and also keep a tab over the errors arising through 404 redirects. If you have in the past, or are going to transfer the pages from the old hosting to a newer one etc, then this is the plugin for you.

8. WP Ban

WP-Ban Let us be honest here. We all know that there are a number of nasty creatures present in the online world and at times they have so many fake accounts that it becomes almost impossible to keep a track of each one of them. But now with the help of this plugin, you will be able to exercise expert control and band the users with their IP, thus getting rid of various referral URLs, and online agents. The plugin also keeps a track about the number of times this blocked IPs attempts to visit the website again, and hence allows the site owners to go for wildcard matching as well. Just to avoid any confusion, with the help of this plugin you can also notify what all IPs you would never want to be blocked.

9. WP Security Scan

security scan As website owners, we are constantly anxious about the security of our web pages. This plugin is not just desired but a prerequisite, simply because it keeps a tab on all the security risks of the website and in addition to that, suggests various corrective measures. The plugin takes charge of the login passwords, database security, admin panel and a lot more.

10. Plugin Manager WordPress Plugin

plugin-manager And now, if the very thought of downloading and installing the plugin tires you and discourages you from following our strong advice, here is another plugin for you to manage that. The Plugin Manager WordPress plugin allows the users to get the available plugins for and install it in an AJAX powered interface and does away completely with the need to download, extract and upload the plugins manually.

That’s it!

This is all from our end regarding the best WordPress plugins for a better administration of your WP-blog or site. At anytime, to simplify your admin work, or to upgrade and enhance the WordPress theme and customization, consider contacting a WordPress development outsourcing person. Now, if you have ever tried any of these plugins then to let us know how your thoughts and opinions about the same in the comments section below.

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John Pitt is a self confessed obsessive compulsive writer and developer working with a WordPress development company. You may Hire WordPress Developers, his fellow workers for your advanced development and customization needs.

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