Know Why Google has Delayed Pagerank Update of July 2013

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Are you Thinking of this-

When will Google 2nd Pagerank Update of 2013 rolled out?

Why Google has delayed this time page rank update?

Well today I am going to answer it all! As you all knows Google update their pagerank four times a year! But this time Google skips its second July pagerank update of 2013 due to some reasons which I will discuss later on below. Recently I have also given a Google Pagerank Update schedule of 2013 but eventually it doesn’t works as it sounds. People are asking me hundreds of questions daily about my estimation, that’s why I have written this post to clear all their doubts properly. So please maintain silence and read why Google delayed this time pagerank update. Note- Google has not says officially that they are going to skip this page rank update 2013, It can happens at any time as well!

Why Google has delayed this time July PageRank Update of 2013-

Google Page-Rank Update delayed 1. First of all Google is quite busy in major Google algorithm changes that were noticed during the past two months i.e Google Penguin 2.0 and Payday Loan Algorithm.

2. Google wants to refine/redesign their search engine with good results. I mean punishing that sites with fake and poor quality backlinks.

3. Google wants to indicate that Pagerank is not something very funny and easy to get. Its being the money making trend of online backlink builders persons or companies.

4. They need to consolidate their algorithms followed strictly not a money making scheme. Its a true punishment to backlinks seller.

5. Now Google will update their pagerank algo thrice a year. So all you have to work hard and more to get it. Now its being tough for new blogs to get a PR soon.

How to Check your Site’s Google Pagerank?

Just Visit PR Checker and type your domain name plus captcha code to check your current Google pagerank out of 10.

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That’s it! I hope all your doubts are clear now and I will keep you update about Google PR when will will be rolled out asap! Also people are going to move towards Domain Authority than pagerank in coming time. Till then Peace and Blessings…

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  1. says

    Google have been very busy with other updates such as Penguin 2.0 and other updates.

    I have another theory though, I think Google will now reduce the Pagerank update frequency to two times per year instead of the traditional 4 times per year. And they will eventually phase it out over the next couple of year.

    The is other metric tools you can use to judge your websites performance such as SEOMOZ`s Open Site Explorer and Magestic SEO Tools. For Backlinks you can use AHREFS Site Explorer.

  2. says

    Nice post it shows the reality in pagerank because what ever happens we need to concentrate in improvising the traffic of a site then we can see the changes as possible thanks for the article.

  3. says

    Google needs to finish his updates, and then, after all data is in place, it will runt the update. That means, is trying to give PR only to the ones that deserve it.

  4. says

    Good. Let them punish the sellers of backlinks if they can find them. To many people have gamed the system and now its time to pay them back with a penalty.


  5. says

    Interesting. I think (personally), gpogle is always late with the updates. I believe the next one will be in Sept so let’s see how it goes around.

    Thanks for sharing this and fun to read too!

  6. says

    Google itself created the scope of earning money by working for SEO and page rank update.
    Hence there is no point if Google delays or stops updating page ranks.
    Not updating the page rank will affect only the new sites. My question is: Why only old sites should have the weight???

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