Top 5 Highest Google AdSense Earning Blogs in India

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This Article is all about : Top 5 Indian Google Adsense Earners- Top Bloggers from India- Highest Google Adsense Earnings Blogs at present.

top google adsense earners in india Google Adsense is one of the best and most recommended monetization program all over the internet and here’s the time to check the Top 5 Google Adsense Earning blogs of India in 13-2014. Since last 10 years, its being the primary source of income of top bloggers and webmasters. So if you have a decent blog with good amount of traffic then must give a try to Google AdSense and earn more with your site or blog than ever. Therefore today I am going to write on the top 5 bloggers from India who earn maximum revenue from Google AdSense till now. Below is the complete list of them with their AdSense Earnings also.

Top 5 Best AdSense Earning Blogs From India

1. Labnol [ Amit Agarwal ]

Amit Agarwal Labnol is the #1 Technology blog founded by a man known as Amit Aggarwal. He has left his job past in 2004 and become the first professional blogger and premium AdSense publisher of India. Amit has done Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT and works on many other projects like Google Social, long Tweets, RSS Search, HTML Mail, Blogger Sitemap and AdSense Sandbox etc.

  • Adsense Earnings- 50,000$/Year
  • Estimated Traffic- 5 Million Page Views/Month
  • PageRank- 6
  • Alexa Rank- 3100

2. ShoutMeLoud [ Harsh Aggarwal ]

harsh aggarwal Shoutmeloud covers topics like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress Plugins, SEO and Make Money Online. This brand was founded by Harsh Aggarwal in 2009 who is one of the top affiliates from India also. Apart living from New Delhi, he is also doing blog consultancy and now a days earnings huge $$$ from Google AdSense.

  • Adsense Earnings- 25000$/Year
  • Estimated Traffic- 3.5 Million Page Views/Month
  • PageRank- 4
  • Alexa Rank- 4400

3. SaveDelete [ Jaspal Singh ]

jaspal singh Jaspal Singh is The Founder and Owner Of Savedelete. He Is a Mechanical Engineer with some Skills Of designing and Coding. His Interest in Internet and Computers made him a Professional Blogger of all Time.

  • Adsense Earnings- 15000$/Year
  • Estimated Traffic- 3 Million Page Views/Month
  • PageRank- 4
  • Alexa Rank- 20000

4. Techpp [ Raju PP ]

Raju PP Raju PP is an Electronic Engineer and launched his site in 2008. Moreover, RajuPP was also featured among the 151 Top Tech Indians which was conducted by Exhibit Magazine.

  • AdSense Earnings- 10000$/Year
  • Estimated Traffic- 2 Million Page Views/Month
  • PageRank- 4
  • Alexa Rank- 22000

5. TRAK [ Prabhu Desai ]

Prabhu Desai was Founded By Prabhu Desai. It is a Popular Business blog which Cover economic topics such as Business Trends, Forex Exchange, Internet Business, Financial News etc. He is one of the famous and popular blogger who earn a huge amount through AdSense per month.

  • Adsense Earnings- 8000$/Year
  • Estimated Traffic- 1.2 Million Page Views/Month
  • PageRank- 5
  • Alexa Rank- 17000

All Done! I think all of you are just amazed with their income report from Google AdSense Top Indian Bloggers…..

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  1. says

    Thank’s for the list and rheir latest eearning reports bro…..
    i am one of the biggest fan of all of them….
    thank’s once again!!!!1

  2. says

    It feels good to that they are earning that much. I’m aware of them but i follow only to Harsh( I his niche and writing style).
    I have one doubt are you sure the income is in Per Year not Per Month.

  3. says

    Hello friend I had applied for a Google Adsense account for my website but google had not approved my Adsense account saying that your website has insufficient content but my website is a blogging site and has more than 150 articles. I don’t know what to do now. My website is …..

  4. says

    Nice, I think it may be updated now and the earning figure also changes than mentioned. After all, these guys are the prode of India in blogging career. Your blog is also looking as a professonal blog. Hope for the best KARAN.

  5. says

    well summed up Karan! They are great inspiration for many. I’ve just started blogging and collecting all the infographic possible to blog better. Wish to get success in the time to come. Your site looks efficient with useful contents.keep up!

  6. says

    Labnol really rocks man. I met Mr. Amit at Noida in Impeteus. He is really a nice guy and he shared some tips for traffice generation. About Harsh of ShoutMeLoud, he is really an inspiration for who, who wants to start their own blog to bye-bye 9-5 job :)

  7. says

    I do have ad-sense account and my blog gets hardly 100 visitors for a month. That is the reason my earnings are zero.
    Could you provide some guide lines in getting traffic.

  8. says

    Blogging is a great career , blogging helps in making fame name and huge amount of money , and amit aggarwal is an undisputed king of blog

  9. mahesh says

    just check blog shoutmeloud their monty adsense income less than 250usd what you are saying man >>>>>>>>>>>>

  10. says

    I’ve just researched How to make money online for 3 years but made money online for 1 year but my revenue is only below $2000 per month now. Labnol has the best Technology Blog i’ve known. Thanks for more good persons in MMO :)

  11. says

    Hi Karan, don’t you think that it’s really surprising to see how much money some people make through blogging only? But it is very inspiring and it makes one thing clear that money can be made through blogging. Although blogging started in the world as a passion to write and share knowledge with the world, it soon become one of the best money making methods online. Recently I posted an article on my blog on almost the same topic on the biggest blogs on the internet. It should be inspiring for your readers as well. Here is the post :

  12. Bishnu Sharma says

    I want to earning money with blogging. What is the best topic for me for the present situation. any information get me here . . .

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