Top 10 High Paying CPA Networks to Make More Money

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top 10 cpa networks which pays high In this article, we are going to see top 10 best high paying CPA Networks or Sites to make more money in 2013. Well CPA stands for Cost Per Action and there are lots of CPA sites online which pays you to complete on offer. Thus if you are an affiliate marketer then CPA is a great way to promote lots of great products and services on your blog or site and get paid per action or lead rather then having to make sales. It combines the publishers and advertisers together and then tracks any leads the publisher sends to the advertiser. So here are the top 10 high paying CPA networks to make more money in this year. Have a look!

Top 10 High Paying CPA Networks to Make Money in 2013:

1. NeverBlue

Neverblue was founded in 2004 by four savvy guys with a vision, and now Neverblue is #4 on the top ten list according to the 2012 Performance Marketing Insider. Its my favorite and one of the best CPA network ever recommended by top bloggers like Zac Johnson.

2. MaxBounty

If you are looking for a reliable affiliate network to promote your products then MaxBounty is the perfect CPA website for you. As long as a marketer has a website of his or her own, one can use MaxBounty for affiliate marketing also. Here minimum payout is $50.

3. PeerFly

Peerfly is one of the oldest and great monetization method for your leads. Chad French has built a network that publishers love. Peerfly is a young company, but they have built trust with their audience in the last 3 years.

4. Adscend Media

This company has more than 250 affiliate programs that can be used for promotion and founded in 2009. Very strong in content monetization with good reach and a nice offer portfolio. I guarantee that in coming times it would be a great CPA network used by maximum no. of people.

5. CPA Lead

CPA Lead is located in Las Vegas, they are known for their ability to take almost any offer and make millions overnight with their huge base of incent affiliates. CPA lead has good affiliate program also.

6. RevenueStreet

Revenue Street is a awesome CPA network that has all the qualities of a good network. This includes Cost per Lead and Pay per Click pay offers to their affiliates. It also reports all referrals and commission on real-time basis. Affiliates are also paid commission on the basis of referrals to other marketers and many more.

7. Clickbooth

Clickbooth till remains one of the top revenue generating networks in the world. They have been focusing on their new CPC platform, providing publishers with a great new revenue stream.

8. Convert2Media

It’s the only best direct marketing tools that are used by its affiliates. Convert2Media is one of the most efficient CPA network out there that pays its affiliates on the basis of fixed commission for every action generated. Payments are made by Paypal.

9. Adknowledge

Adknowledge is founded in 2004 and a international company which pays very high revenue to its publishers. Approval is hard and programs are very limited to promote. Now a days its being spreading very slowly over the internet.

10. W4

W4 includes in the top ten terrific CPA networks or Sites list, considered one of the top twenty CPA networks according to The Online Advertising Blue Book. W4 focuses on buying customers, not clicks, and they are known for successful campaigns and excellent technology.

Final Words:

I think my above list of top 10 high paying CPA networks is enough for you to make money in 2013. My personal favorite CPA site is Neverblue. So what are you waiting for? Just do sign up there>> pick a product to promote>> display on your blog and start generating leads etc. Thumbs up and Blessing to you.

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