SiteWide Backlinks: What Google Says (Good or Bad for SEO)

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sitewide backlinks I think Majority of the people doesn’t know What are SiteWide Backlinks and Is it good or bad for SEO? Well SiteWide backlinks are nothing rather than any other ordinary backlinks (multiple links) either on homepage or at every page. After Google Penguin, we have to create backlinks (quality one) carefully and take care of it. Unlike old times, where volume of backlinks matters the most, now the process of backlinks has changed dramatically, today the quality and relevancy of backlinks which matters the most. Therefore in this post, I am going to explain more about Paid SiteWide backlinks and How Google Consider him by a video.

How Sitewide Backlinks Impact Search Engine Optimization

Sitewide link have long been favored by search engine optimizers, because you receive a backlink for each page of a website or blog. The bigger the website, the greater number of backlinks you receive. But from Now onwards, this is no more as Google rolls out algorithm for that and take things manually. According to Matt Cutts, Sitewide backlinks are not bad until they are natural and relevant. So if you want to provide a Link (Sponsored) to other website then just add nofollow tag to the backlink html as sitewide links do provide more direct traffic also.

Getting links from Blog footer like “Theme developed by ABC company” or “Free WordPress theme by ABC” are not so useful now, as you can’t control where these links are coming from.

People have started spamming, or excessive, low quality guest posting on high ranking websites. As a result, it seems unfair to those who don’t spam, but don’t have access to high quality websites either. So this makes the question much more important. How does Google consider site-wide backlinks?

Matt Cutts Video on SiteWide Backlinks:


Matt Cutts Answered: Site-wide links do happen. It’s completely natural. You might have a privacy policy, copyright policy, all of that sort of stuff, but when we see sort of irrelevant or off topic links or even spammy links, site wide, then that is the sort of thing that does make a spam-fighter’s ears sort of perk up a little bit. I think we handle it very well on the algorithmic side but you know, we do manual investigations as well.

Best Methods or Ways to get a Sitewide Link

The best and one of the easiest method to get a Sitewide link is via Blogroll or RSS. When you are linking out to a authority domain with a sitewide Blogroll link, it’s not going to have a negative impact rather than a good ideal. Note- One thing which you need to avoid here is using 2 way link exchange as Google Penguin considered it as spam and you might get penalize for the same also. Spam linkers will get their links discarded, and their rank degraded, which they deserve etc.

I hope that all are clear now! Please share your thoughts with us…

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    now days google is more advanced it’s also good for everyone to keep away spammers from google and google filter quality results.

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