Monetizing Blog RSS Feeds to Make Money

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make money with rss feeds Now a days Feeds are one of the most popular and easiest way to get updates from a blog or Site. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and every blog has its feed enabled and distributing to subscribers via email. In older days, we have to make bookmark of our favorite websites but now RSS is a technology that is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites. It deliver regular posts updates directly to our inbox. Well what about monetizing it? RSS feeds can be another source of handsome income. At Current, There are many advertisement program which offer ways to monetize your RSS feeds and best among them are give below. Have a look!

Top 5 Sites to Monetize your RSS Feeds in 2013:

1. Kanoodle

Kanoodle for feeds allows publishers to earn money on the Internet by placing their ads in their RSS feeds. Its a network based on pays per click system. Also Kanoodle lets sponsored links directly inserted in the feed from your blog, and have the option to insert ads within individual messages.

2. Pheedo

The Pheedo advertising platform converts your RSS feeds with advertising and rich dynamics etc. Now With FeedPowered by Pheedo you can also monetize syndication of your video content. This site has lots of more interesting features related to Feeds monetization.

3. Text Link Ads

text link ads This is my Favorite One! They offers a good service for bloggers called Feedvertising, allowing them to run ads text link to your RSS feed. TLA is based on CPM ads and pays very high to its publishers. With this website, one can also monetize their affiliate links.

4. Adgenta

This is a service that allows you to choose which ads to place in your RSS feeds by selecting specific keywords. Approval is as easy and no minimum traffic needed to a blog. The blogger has total control over the ads they see their readers, not because of content but by their personal choice.

5. Feed Show

Its a very old network and gives the publishers 50% of revenues generated by targeted ads. Well You need not to worry about the number of ads served on behalf of publishers and FeedShow account because they are the same. According to me, its a great monetizing tool.

All Done! I hope you all will like these above 5 advertising sites by which we can monetize your blog RSS feeds and Make lots of Money.

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    Great post & helpful information. But, why didn’t include each link in this list. It will be great if you add link for all this 5-sites, so we don’t have to googling to find their links :)

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