How to Verify PayPal Account Without Credit Card- Legal Methods

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PayPal-Verified This post is all those users living in India and Outside World to use and Verify PayPal account without Credit Cards. This method is 100% legal and working. PayPal is a very popular website of eBay which deals with the sending and receiving money online. Now a days due to many security reasons, Some people face difficulty while linking their CC to their PayPal accounts. So today’s post is all about it that How to get Verified PayPal accounts without use of Credit Card. Note- Verified Accounts has lot more advantages than Un-verified PayPal account as there are restrictions on Un-Verified account like monthly $500 limit etc. Also a credit card can only be issued to a person above 18 years of age and earning regular income with proof of income statement. So please follow my top 3 methods to verify PayPal without your Credit Card use and enjoy unlimited transactions.

Top 3 Methods to Verify PayPal Accounts with Credit Cards in 2013


VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is somewhat like a temporary credit card you can say. It is valid just for just 24 hours. Not all banks provide this service like HDFC Net Safe provides a VCC, ICICI provides a E-wallet Card, SBI offers State Bank Virtual Cards etc.

virtual credit cards

Now To create a VCC you need to have an actual credit/debit card. After creation you get a different 16 digit no. and CVV no. etc. which is not related to your actual credit/debit card. By this you can shop online without worrying because it will expire in 24 hrs. and also you can set a limit of how much to use in that VCC. So VCC is for some one who do not want to pay online regularly or for people who are concerned about the security. For people who pay regularly online then attaching a credit/debit card to paypal is best option so far I think.

Below are the Top 5 Online Sites to Get a Virtual Credit Card Easily:

1. Entropay
2. Netletter VCC
3. Netspend
American Express 


You just need to follow these simple steps to verify your PayPal account.

  • First sign in to your PayPal account and click on Get Verified link.
  • Thus Click on Link My Bank Account button to link your Bank account with your PayPal account.
  • After entering Bank Details i.e Bank Name, Person’s Name, IFSC code, Account Number etc, choose Start process to confirm bank account.
  • Now PayPal will send two small deposits to your bank account. Now you need to perform following two steps below to confirm your bank account.
  • Check your bank account statement in 4-6 days for the 2 deposits from PayPal.
  • Now Log in to your PayPal account and enter the amounts to confirm your bank account.

Hence you are successfully get Verified!



Well you can also make your PayPal Verified by the use of Visa Signed Debit Cards all over the world. Just Link it to your PayPal account as you do it with Credit Card.

Go to Profile>> Add/Edit Credit Card and then enter your Debit Cards details to get verified!

From the Editors Desk :

I hope by viewing these above methods, one should definitely gets a verified PayPal account soon to do his online dealings! So what are you waiting for…Just lift your limits and ask if encountered any problem in the comment box. Enjoy.

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  1. Amit Ahuja says

    hello sir, I make a paypal account and link with bank account. paypal is send 2 deposit to my back accout. but i don’t find the place on the paypal website where i fill the two deposit and verify my account. plz help me

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