Negative SEO- Techniques,Tactics and How to Protect yourself?

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negative seo Now a days Negative SEO is one of the most talked topics since the launch of Google’s penguin update. Google has somehow accepted that possibility of negative SEO but is very rare. Back in December 2012, head of Google’s webspam team Matt Cutts released a video to help us understand just how negative SEO works. Though negative SEO is very real (under certain situations), it’s also given rise to plenty of myths. If you lack adequate SEO knowledge, it’s quite easy to give in to the most common myths of negative search engine optimization etc. So lets read more about it below.

What is Actually Negative SEO?

In General, Negative SEO refers to when one website buys links and points them at a competitor’s website in an effort to torpedo their rankings. Note- Negative SEO cant be done to high authority websites.

Most Common Ways for Negative SEO of a Website (SEO Tactics)

  • Spammy Links. It is the number one form of negative SEO. Competitors will go to spam sites and put a backlink to your site. It’s as simple as that.
  • Hacking and Security Breaches. If you don’t have the proper security, someone could easily hack into your site/blog and block the Google bots from crawling your site altogether.
  • Report You as Spam. Google allows websites to contact them about any spam issues. A competitor could easily contact Google and claim your website is full of spam. This is usually the last step in a negative SEO operation.
  • Fake Emails. In rare cases, competitors will actually create fake emails and email all of your good partnerships and tell them to take down links to your site. This isn’t common, but it’s something to consider.

Matt Cutts Video on Negative SEO:

That’s it! In the end, All I have to say “try to be at safe side and stay away from the impact Negative SEO”.

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    I am new in the SEO field and this is information which will help me a lot in doing SEO to improve website rankings by using PPC and organic SEO at the right time to divert traffic to my site without being in any danger of a negetive SEO attack.Thank you for sharing this important information!!

  2. says

    Thank you Karan for this article! I want to add only 2 small tips in avoiding Negative SEO. If your SEO is legitimate and have done it for long time then you probably away from getting affected by Blackhat one. the other thing that you should always keep track of is your backlinks, once you find a low quality or spammy website, use the disavow option to unlink your website to this low quality backlink.

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