Top 5 Best Google Pagerank Prediction Tools

Top 5 best google pagerank prediction toolsAs we all know that Google page rank is very important for any website. We all are very much excited for pagerank. Pagerank provide an platform to your website or blog where you will get an pagerank ranked from 1-10. Websites and blog likes Mashable and Techcrunch got pagerank 8. And the last stage is pagerank 10. So if you are trying than you will also lead in the race. As we know that Pagerank is depend on how the site is perform, how many you gained backlinks for it, people will like it or not? What are its stats. These are all the factors via pagerank is depend. [Read more…]

Download and Use Free Whatsapp Web Browser for PC

whatsapp web browserWow! Its Official, Finally WhatsApp has arrived on the web, but unfortunately not everyone will be able to use the service such as iOS Users. Now “WhatsApp Web” allows its users to respond and text to their dear ones right from their web browsers and many more etc. In short, WhatsApp Web is just an Chrome Extension of the smartphone as though you respond through the web browser still you can avail those messages in your smartphone. It promises to “mirror conversations and message from your phone device,” is available for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone only. So This post is all about How to Download and Use Free Whatsapp Web Browser for PC/MAC. [Read more…]

How to Build Private Blog Networks for SEO: PBN Links

pbn linksHello Everyone! Today’s post is all about Building PBN Links i.e Private Blog Networks. Now Gone are the days when we create 1000’s of backlinks, Directory Submission etc to rank for any keyword, According to the Latest SEO Strategy, only Quality Links and PBN’s are taken into consideration. After Panda and Penguin, its an fact that Google keeps on changing its search algorithms to make users search experience better. If you are looking to rank your Niche Site for any keyword, I must say you should make Private Blog Networks and Get an HomePage Link etc. This will make maximum page juice flow and quality SEO.  [Read more…]

Top 100 Best Whatsapp Status Update 2015: Funny!

top 100 best whatsapp status of 2015First of all A Very-2 Happy New Year 2015 to all my Blog Readers, today I am going to write on 100 Best Funny Whatsapp Status Update of 2015. As you all knows that WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Now in this article and due to heavy demand, I have covered most popular funny whatsapp status , funny and best status for whatsapp and facebook status with the latest funny whatsapp status in hindi , funny status for FB , funny whatsapp status ideas , funny whatsapp messages etc. So if you are an whatsapp addicted user, then you must go with one of the below status for today’s mood. Have a look…

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6 Freelancing Myths That You Need Not Believe in 2015

freelance mythsIf you are contemplating going freelance in the coming year, it is time to make yourself aware of all myths and realities associated with freelancing jobs, the freelance lifestyle and everything else that comes in between.

Do you find yourself day dreaming about handing over your resignation letter to your manager and starting out on your own? Do you feel that you would have been more successful if you could be your own boss?  There are many people out there who desperately want to break free from the rut of the office cubicle and wish they were their own managers, earning from the comforts of their home. [Read more…]

5 Best Tips to Improve your Blog Readability

readabilityAre you Suffering from- “No one reads your blog posts“, If Yes, then today we have the solution to cure it. Well Writing Posts seems to be easy but making it readable till the end for your visitors it something quite difficult to do. Therefore One of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your blog is to increase the readability level. So lets start with the exact definition of Readability i.e the level to which your blog posts are easy to read out. One of the most important factor is to make blog posts easy to read and navigate through to improve readability. Hence Here are some quick tips to make your blog posts more readable… [Read more…]