How to Get Listed on Top of the Google SERP’s?

How to Get Listed on Top of the Google SERP’s?    Are you Want to be on top on the SERP’s like ProBloggers, if yes then must read this post carefully. SERP stands for Search Engine Result Pages and your site matters if it is on top of SERP’s to gain maximum traffic. Hence leading on SERP’s is must. Visitors will pick up and choose your site to visit first with their keywords searched. Therefore our site/blog needs to be on top of SERP’s to popularize faster in short period of time. Hence Today I will tell you How it gonna be possible just below. Have a look! [Read more...]

How to Recover your Lost Google Search Engine Traffic?

How to Recover your Lost Google Search Engine Traffic?    If you are the one like me who is continuously suffering from 30-40% traffic loss from last month, then this post is for you! I noticed many bloggers complaining about lost Google Search Engine Traffic and Searching for How to Recover their Lost Google Traffic. Its being habit of Google to bring day by day change in their algorithms and redefine their search engine results, but this time the loss of traffic is unpredictable because no update takes place. Hence forget it, and See this post carefully to recover your lost Google search engine traffic fastly. [Read more...]

10 Ways to Optimize your Blogger Blog for SEO

how to seo optimize blogger posts titlesWant to optimize your blogger blog for SEO to get high rankings in SERP’s, If yes then today I must goanna tell you some great ways to boost your blog traffic in less time. Here we had discuss so many times about Blogger and WordPress SEO. As you all knows that Blogger is default 50%search engine optimized but we have to make it full 100% totally SEO optimized. So lets check the pending checklist you have to done in your Blogger template and dashboard.

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How to Save your Blog Posts from being Copied

How to Save your Blog Posts from being Copied How does it feels when your blog post gets copied by other on his site and ranks higher than you in SERP’s, Well its truly hurts and pains to our hard work and creativity. Now a days its being a trend of doing copy n paste as it is the simplest way to write a post easily. But now thanks to Google panda who kicks off ass of these blogs. Hence we should not totally dependent on Google Panda, in other way we should also do some extra things mentioned below to protect our blog post from copiers and being the original writer of it. So lets know the things. [Read more...]

10 Killer Ways to Improve your Alexa Rank Fast

Increase-your-Alexa-RankWell One of the important thing matters to bloggers is good Alexa rank. Sites/Blogs having better Alexa rank should given more priority than others. Companies and Advertisers are in search of sites with less Alexa rank to offer their schemes. I have seen many bloggers updating their blog content regularly but their Alexa rank not increasing. Its all because of poor or no knowledge. So today I must tell you the secrets to improve your Alexa rank in 2014 in less than no time just below. Enjoy and Have a deep look at below! [Read more...]