How to Attract Sponsors on your Blog Easily?

Blog SponsorsFinding/Looking for blog sponsors but no one comes in…then don’t worry because its not only your problem as it is the problem of the whole blogosphere. Building a blog is easy but attracting sponsors takes a lot of efforts and results. Sponsors i.e Advertisers should only sponsor your blog or site if its conditions are good and satisfied which we will gonna discuss below. All you have to prove your blog unique and quality one. Lets find out. [Read more...]

How to Boost Your Freelance Earnings in 2015?

freelancer_jobsHave you ever wondered that some freelancers are able to afford a luxurious lifestyle while others are always struggling to make the ends meets? Is it that they have found the secret formula to make it rich without having to work for others or are they just plain lucky? Logic says that there is definitely more to it than just simple luck. Let us examine the same. [Read more...] to monopolize cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin mining today is economically viable either for the owners of large farms, or in the pool,

which brings together the efforts of many miners – the time of loners has already passed. For

several months, the largest pool has been – at the beginning of this year, its share has

reached 40%. In January, the company, which owns the pool, even had to reassure the

community, that the pool would never allow the concentration of more than 50% of capacity in

their hands, as it threatens the entire ecosystem of Bitcoins (the so-called” 51% attack “)

Since that time tries to maintain its stake at 30% -40%. However, in June, there have

already been some short-term moments during which the peak power of Ghash exceeded half

the computing power of the network. This caused another surge of anxiety in the community.

A situation, in which a commercial company has to voluntarily restrict their own growth, is

completely unnatural and very shaky. [Read more...]

Sell Bitcoin

When deciding to sell Bitcoin, you first need to consider which option is best for you: selling Bitcoin online

via exchange, trading directly or selling Bitcoin in person. Each method has its pros and cons.

Sell using an exchange

There are plenty of online exchanges allowing you to sell your Bitcoins for money. The process is simple:

register your credential, verify your identity (normally sending to the exchange a copy of you ID and a proof

of residence), and you can start trading Bitcoins. [Read more...]

Learn How to Integrate Google Analytics into WordPress and Blogger?

Google-Analytics-integrationTo increase your web traffic its must to take a deep analysis of it, therefore Google Analytics comes into play. Google Analytics makes it easy for anyone managing a site to track and analysing data. It’s a FREE service that provides comprehensive statistics regarding the visitors to a website. Data available through this service consists of site visits, page views, bounce rate, average time on site, pages per visit and percentage of new visits. In addition to the data mentioned above, Google Analytics can also track referral traffic including search engine, direct visits, website referrals and marketing campaigns (Pay Per Click, Banner advertising, e-mail marketing etc). Now today i must share my words on how to set up a Google Analytics account and some of its great benefits below. [Read more...]

Top 15+ Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block Situation

writers-blockAre you fed up with blogging or writing blog posts regularly, well its not the only problem of you as this happens with every person who doesn’t get some earnings with a new blog or site. Here comes the Writer’s Block. According to definition, Writer’s block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. It can be trivial, a temporary difficulty in dealing with the task in hand. So please don’t get discouraged as this happens to every great writer at some point, and it’s too easy to overcome it. Sometimes I get stuck in the middle of a post and then edit it later. Therefore today I cam up with top 15 ways to overcome and get over the Writer’s block. [Read more...]